Phyllorhiza punctata

Phyllorhiza punctata
Australian White Spotted jellyfish

Mild stinging


It is a mild-stinging species and therefore with little or no effect on humans. Even so, it is recommended not to touch it since it may produce some type of dermal reaction after the contact in very sensitive persons.


Large jellyfish with an hemispheric umbrela whose diameter can reach 72 cm. In its native environment it has a dark olive brown colour and in some invaded areas (like the Gulf of Mexico) it is whitish-blue. In both cases, a lot of white spots on the surface are evenly distributed. In the southern area of Catalonia, the population is composed of individuals of both colors. It lacks marginal tentacles, and presents eight oral arms with 14 translucent appendages at the end, which fuse at the base forming a ring around the mouth.


It is an invasive species native to the Indo-Pacific. In 2010, the first observation was recorded in the south of Catalonia. Today it is considered frequent in the southern area of the Catalan coast, especially in the Ebro River Delta area. Adutls are mainly observed during spring and summer.

Distribution and Habitat

Phyllorhizapunctata is a coastal and estuarine jellyfish whose native distribution includes Australia and much of the Indo-Pacific. It entered the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal and has expanded throughout the Mediterranean basin.