Aequorea forskalea

Aequorea forskalea
Many-ribbed jellyfish

Mild stinging


It is a mild-stinging species and therefore with little or no effect on humans. Even so, it is recommended not to touch it since it may produce some type of dermal reaction after the contact in very sensitive persons.


The plate-shaped umbrella is translucent and can measure up to 40 cm in diameter. It has a dense mass in the center. It is easily distinguished from other jellyfish due to the presence of a large number of blue radial channels connecting the center to the edge of the umbrella. The marginal tentacles are numerous and fine, and lacks oral arms.


During the last years the abundance of this jellyfish in the Catalan coast has diminished, although important amounts can be observed mainly during the spring.

Distribution and Habitat

Its distribution includes the Atlantic Ocean and the Indo-Pacific, from temperate to tropical waters. It inhabits coastal and coastal areas and occasionally appears in the open sea.