Aurelia aurita

Aurelia aurita
Moon jellyfish

Mild stinging


It is a mild-stinging species and therefore with little or no effect on humans. Even so, it is recommended not to touch it since it may produce some type of dermal reaction after the contact in very sensitive persons.


Translucent jellyfish with a flattened umbrella that can reach up to 25 cm in diameter. Radial channels branch out over the entire area of the umbrela. From the manubrium four oral arms extend, and from the edge of the umbrela emerge hundreds of thin and short marginal tentacles.

It is characterized by 4 horseshoe-shaped structures visible in the centre of the umbrella corresponding to the gonads (reproductive organs). The gonads may have a whitish yellow or slightly pinkish color.


This species is generally observed towards the end of the spring and in summer. However, since 2007 sightings of this species have declined considerably along the Catalan coast. Since then it is considered a low frequency species.

Distribution and Habitat

Aurelia spp. lives in all the oceans of the world. It inhabits coastal and shallow waters, usually estuaries and bays.

Recently the genus Aurelia has been subject to taxonomic re-classification and at present, several species with similar characteristics are distinguished within this genus.

Aurelia is the most common genus found in exhibitions and aquariums in the world.