The RECLAIMED Project is carried out jointly between the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) and the Hospital ClĂ­nic de Barcelona (HCB) promoted by the "la Caixa" Obra Social.

It is an innovative project that deals with the problems of jellyfish proliferation on the beaches and the effects that on human health the stings by these animals produced.

The main objective is the investigation of sanitary and environmental solutions for the impact of jellyfish proliferation on the human population in the beaches of Catalonia in order to prevent and mitigate the clinical, social and environmental impact of jellyfish in the Mediterranean.

This project aims to advance on the identification of risk factors in the beaches due to the presence of jellyfish (species, toxicity, frequency, abundance, etc.), the design of prevention and action protocols appropriate to our beaches and the research on the best medical therapies for those affected by the stings and possible subsequent consequences. On the other hand, data are collected on the presence and absence of jellyfish at the beaches on a daily basis to complete a database that will serve to understand present trends of jellyfish populations in this area of ??the Mediterranean.


The work plan includes:

  • consolidation of the network for jellyfish observations on the beaches of the Catalan coast.
  • development of jellyfish identification material and first aid protocols for jellyfish stings.
  • training courses for all staff working on the beach.
  • monitoring of people stung by jellyfish by the MEDTOXDER unit of HCB.
  • use of the iMedJelly App as a prevention and mitigation tool.
  • promotion of citizen science.

Expected results

The project aims to mitigate the social impact of jellyfish proliferations by providing contrasted information on the trend of their populations and providing tools for the correct management of health aspects of jellyfish stings, such as prevention and first aid protocols based allowing the rescue services to act in an effective way.

The Project seeks to provide answers and support in a subject of citizen concern, the presence of jellyfish on the beaches and their stings. The society will have daily real and validated information on the presence and absence of jellyfish in the coastal areas of Catalonia, support and solutions in case of stinging and sanitary aspects.

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