DO NOT apply freshwater
DO NOT apply ammonia
DO NOT apply alcohol
DO NOT rub
DO NOT apply pressure bandage
DO NOT apply vinegar (except in specific cases)


General Protocol in case of jellyfish sting

Treatment of jellyfish envenomation aims to attenuate venom effects, prevent further envenomation from residual jellyfish pieces, and minimize complications derived from the use of non-tested products


Remove without rubbing the rest of tentacles or fragments of jellyfish remaining in the contact area, without rubbing.
Carefully wash with abundant seawater.
Apply 50% baking soda slurry -> the equivalent is a 2L bottle of water, with dos fingers of commercial baking soda.
Apply ice packs for 15 minutes at intervals of 3 minutes of application and 2 minutes of rest.
If pain persists, consult your doctor or health care professionals.