Cotylorhiza tuberculata

Cotylorhiza tuberculata
Fried egg jellyfish

Mild stinging


It is a mild-stinging species and therefore with little or no effect on humans. Even so, it is recommended not to touch it since it may produce some type of dermal reaction after the contact in very sensitive persons.


The umbrela of yellowish brown colour can reach up to 35 cm in diameter and is flattened except in the center, from where emerges a great protrusion of darker orange color. The eight oral arms are short and have at their end appendages with the shape of a button white or blue. It lacks marginal tentacles. Like corals, Cotylorhiza tuberculata presents micro algae symbionts that live in the tissues of its umbrela, providing nutrients and giving it the classic brown color. Like Rhizostoma pulmo, it is commonly associated with fish that use it as shelter.


It is very common on the Catalan coast. Adults are commonly observed and in great abundance towards the end of summer and early fall.

Distribution and Habitat

It is an endemic species of the Mediterranean, coastal and with preference of warmer waters.